Final Analysis

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

It's not clear whether this film's genesis is Hitchcock homage or an attempt to build on the success of Prime Suspect and Jagged Edge. The result is an overlong, hardly believable psychological thriller in which Gere plays a San Francisco shrink involved with the older sister of one of his more disturbed patients. Gere (who spends much of his time testifying in court for the defence) becomes embroiled with Basinger in no time at all. After a heady trip to a very obviously phallic lighthouse, the 'double jeopardy' plot spins off into the blue yonder when she bumps off her fashionable but sadistic American-Greek gangster husband (Roberts, acting with his muscles). While Basinger has the projection, it's Thurman as her younger sister who has most of the real allure, though much of the film's latter half is taken up with a rather tedious game to decide which sis is the psycho. It's hard to care in the end.

By: SGr


Release details

124 mins

Cast and crew

Phil Joanou
Wesley Strick
Richard Gere
Kim Basinger
Uma Thurman
Eric Roberts
Paul Guilfoyle
Keith David
Robert Harper
Harris Yulin
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