Final Terror

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Something sinister in the woods. Isn't there always? But apart from a couple of minutes of mayhem at beginning and end, the nearest the movie gets to dealing with the deranged slasher plot is to have it told, midway, as a campfire spook story. Undermining genre expectations, Davis reveals an affectionate respect for the woods, and likes his characters enough not to line them up as Slasher Victims 1 to 8. Surprisingly few citizens get carved up, and the women aren't on board to be decorative rape victims. Deliverance is the inspiration, but finally this movie rafted down a different stream.

By: DO


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Andrew Davis
Jon George, Neill Hicks, Ronald Shusett
John Friedrich
Adrian Zmed
Daryl Hannah
Rachel Ward
Ernest Harden Jr
Mark Metcalf
Joe Pantoliano
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