Fire and Ice

Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

More cut-ups from Bakshi's animated cut-outs. Here his collaborator is Frank Frazetta, dean of Sword'n'Sorcery illustration - and with predictable results. It's all Chas Atlas heroes slicing one another to bits in order to win ladies with more curves than a bunch of grapes. Complete with sub-Wagnerian score and just a hint of subliminal racism - the disposable 'subhumans' are dusky chaps, the hero an Aryan blond - it may well satisfy a low IQ, pubescent (probably) male Iron Maiden fan, but the rest of us are poorly served.

By: GD


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Ralph Bakshi
Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway
Randy Norton
Cynthia Leake
Steve Sandor
Sean Hannon
Leo Gordon
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