Fire and Ice

Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

More cut-ups from Bakshi's animated cut-outs. Here his collaborator is Frank Frazetta, dean of Sword'n'Sorcery illustration - and with predictable results. It's all Chas Atlas heroes slicing one another to bits in order to win ladies with more curves than a bunch of grapes. Complete with sub-Wagnerian score and just a hint of subliminal racism - the disposable 'subhumans' are dusky chaps, the hero an Aryan blond - it may well satisfy a low IQ, pubescent (probably) male Iron Maiden fan, but the rest of us are poorly served.


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Ralph Bakshi
Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway
Randy Norton
Cynthia Leake
Steve Sandor
Sean Hannon
Leo Gordon
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