Fires Were Started

Film, Documentaries
A still from the black and white film Fires Were Started of a fireman fighting a fire

Time Out says

Jennings' one venture into feature-length drama-documentary narrowly escaped being brutally chopped down by the publicity men at the Ministry of Information. Certainly it lacks the tight narrative structure common in good commercial films, but Jennings is a strong enough film-maker to ignore formulae and conventions to build his own unique structures. Here he used real firemen and real fires - kindled among the blitzed warehouses of London's dockland - but with the aim of creating something more than documentary realism. It is the epic quality of the firemen's struggle that excites Jennings, and his celebration of the courage and dignity of ordinary people working together in the shadow of disaster makes the film extraordinarily impressive.


Release details

74 mins

Cast and crew

Humphrey Jennings
Humphrey Jennings
George Gravett
Philip Dickson
Fred Griffiths
Loris Rey
Johnny Houghton
William Sansom
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