First Strike

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

A lot more fun than the Bond movies it gets into bed with, this sprawling action-adventure (nominally No 4 in Jackie Chan's Police Story series) shuttles from Hong Kong to the Ukraine and on to Australia for a climactic fight under water amid real live sharks. The McGuffin is the usual stolen nuclear warhead, but the stunts are the movie's raison d'être: a chase/shoot-out up a snowy mountain, immersion in an icy lake, a tussle on the outside of a tall building, a fight with improvised weapons including an aluminium step-ladder. The highpoint is Chan singing 'I Will Follow Him' while stripping at gunpoint. Watch out for substantial differences between the original Chinese version and the re-edited, dubbed US version.

By: TR


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Stanley Tong
Stanley Tong, Nick Tramontane, Greg Mellott, Elliot Tong
Jackie Chan
Jackson Lau
Annie Wu
Bill Tung
Jouri Petrov
Grishajeva Nonna
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