First Time with Feeling


Time Out says

If Eric Rohmer ever went crackers and plunged into porno, the results could be something like this. The hero - suffering, need one say, from awful inhibitions - spends one of those idyllic French summers where everyone talks, drinks, writes journals, drinks, and gives their personal codes a good shake. By the end of it all he is able to treat his heart's desire - a lovely cousin - in the style she deserves. Baratier has seen better days: time was when he wowed the critics with a New Wave/cinéma-vérité send-up called Dragées au Poivre.

By: GB


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Jacques Baratier
Claude Eymouche, Stéphane Jourat, Jean-Michel Ribes, Jacques Baratier, Ludwig Spitaler
Nathalie Delon
Muriel Catala
Didier Haudepin
Bernard Jeantet
Renée Saint-Cyr
Joachim Hansen
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