Flesh and Bone

Film, Drama

Time Out says

When Arlis Sweeney (Quaid) was a kid, he saw his dad Roy (Caan) kill an entire farmstead family, except the screaming baby. Thirty years on, Arlis is content to drift around Texas fixing candy and condom machines; at least until he meets Kay Davies (Ryan), a volatile young woman keen to escape an unhappy marriage. Their hesitant relationship blooms - then, one night, the past catches up with Arlis in the shape of his father, for whom blood ties override all other considerations. Writer/director Kloves seems preoccupied with character and milieu. The performances are sound, but for much of the time the film seems undecided whether it's a mystery, a romance, a social document or an art movie. And that indecision is fatal, stifling the life out of what might have been an effective little thriller.

By: GA


Release details

124 mins

Cast and crew

Steve Kloves
Steve Kloves
Scott Wilson
Gwyneth Paltrow
Meg Ryan
Dennis Quaid
James Caan
Christopher Rydell
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