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Time Out says

Amiable yarn based on the mid-'60s TV series about a growing youngster and an 'orphan' dolphin. Wood is the diffident single-parent child, Sandy, who vacations in a Caribbean backwater with his uncle Porter (Hogan), an ex-Beach Boys roadie turned salty sea dog (plus Hemingway cap and parrot). It's something of a muted comeback for Hogan, waltzing through his role as the eccentric but straight-arrow father-substitute with a pared version of his real man 'Dundee' persona. Writer/director Shapiro blends the elements of romance, adventure and comedy with easy if anonymous competence. Sandy trysts with bright-eyed Kim (Wesson), Porter romances marine biologist Cathy (Field); no wonder the dolphin keep springing into the air as if to protest he's been forgotten. Excellent technical credits, notably Bill Butler's camerawork, but the best stuff is the kid's lingo - 'Gotta jet, here comes the hippy.'


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Alan Shapiro
Alan Shapiro
Elijah Wood
Jason Fuchs
Jessica Wesson
Jonathan Banks
Chelsea Field
Paul Hogan
Isaac Hayes
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