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Time Out says

Amiable yarn based on the mid-'60s TV series about a growing youngster and an 'orphan' dolphin. Wood is the diffident single-parent child, Sandy, who vacations in a Caribbean backwater with his uncle Porter (Hogan), an ex-Beach Boys roadie turned salty sea dog (plus Hemingway cap and parrot). It's something of a muted comeback for Hogan, waltzing through his role as the eccentric but straight-arrow father-substitute with a pared version of his real man 'Dundee' persona. Writer/director Shapiro blends the elements of romance, adventure and comedy with easy if anonymous competence. Sandy trysts with bright-eyed Kim (Wesson), Porter romances marine biologist Cathy (Field); no wonder the dolphin keep springing into the air as if to protest he's been forgotten. Excellent technical credits, notably Bill Butler's camerawork, but the best stuff is the kid's lingo - 'Gotta jet, here comes the hippy.'

By: WH


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Alan Shapiro
Alan Shapiro
Elijah Wood
Jason Fuchs
Jessica Wesson
Jonathan Banks
Chelsea Field
Paul Hogan
Isaac Hayes
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