Flowers in the Attic

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Tennant is the perfect little mother whose husband dies in a car crash, and who puts herself and her four children at the mercy of her dying father and sadistic mother. Daddy never approved of her marriage and wrote her out of his will, and her unforgiving mother (Fletcher) insists that the children be kept locked in the attic to prevent him ever discovering their existence. Months pass, and the children, suffering from exhaustion and poisoned cookies, realise that their loving mother is just as deranged as their granny, and plot their escape. Incestuous desires run rampant in the original novel by VC Andrews, but all the movie has to offer is soft-focus innuendo. As fantasy stripped of all its metaphorical trimmings, the sublimely ridiculous plot is more likely to reduce an audience to laughter than to tears.

By: TRi


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Jeffrey Bloom
Jeffrey Bloom
Louise Fletcher
Victoria Tennant
Kristy Swanson
Jeb Stuart Adams
Ben Ganger
Lindsay Parker
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