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Time Out says

'Flubber' - Prof Brainard (Williams) informs us, pseudo-scientifically - is an elastomer, ductile and elastic. All we really really need to know, however, is that the Professor's flying rubber superballs cause spectacular destruction. Top honours in this Disney remake of The Absent-Minded Professor go to cameraman Dean Cundey and the effects and design teams: to the whizzing balls, flying cars, aerial simulations, the 'Time Machine' laboratories and the Heath Robinson-style domestic aids. Williams produces another of his strangely sympathetic cartoons, an arrested adult so forgetful he's three times missed his own wedding (to Harden). He wears the same bow ties as Fred MacMurray, but dispenses with any residual traces of maturity. The script (by John Hughes and Bill Walsh) has Brainard selling the flubber to save the college. He's frustrated by fiancée-stealing McDonald, and the henchmen of entrepreneur Barry, who, naturally enough, want to exploit the green goo.

By: WH


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Les Mayfield
John Hughes, Bill Walsh
Robin Williams
Marcia Gay Harden
Christopher McDonald
Raymond J Barry
Clancy Brown
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