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Fly Me to the Moon

3 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

According to the blurb, ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ is ‘the first computer-animated film designed, created and produced… exclusively for the 3D experience’. Whether it looks any better than a 2D-to-3D transfer like ‘Meet the Robinsons’ is a moot point, but there are a few sequences here that use the third dimension to dazzling effect.

Nat, IQ and Scooter are houseflies with a mission: to hitch a ride to the moon with the Apollo 11 space team. Once in orbit, they solve a technical glitch while Nat’s grandpa averts disaster in mission control by thwarting the plans of a Russian infiltrator, Yegor. It’s very superficial but endurable in the main, even though it can’t resist that old chestnut of painting the Russians as baddies. And while it may not teach sprogs anything about insects – these ones have human eyes and four limbs – director Ben Stassen has made a fair fist of portraying the Apollo mission with some accuracy.

Release Details

  • Rated:U
  • Release date:Friday 3 October 2008
  • Duration:84 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Ben Stassen
  • Screenwriter:Domonic Paris
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