Time Out says

Set in a slick little LA music station, QSKY (7.11 on your FM dial), FM barely concerns itself with the daily business of radio. Really it's the story of a group of hip (but nice) dedicated broadcasters, led by sexy, buddy-hugging Jeff Dugan (Brandon), out to combat the interfering idiocy of the indentured slaves of the network corporation. Dugan, who's heavily into the music biz, is against commercials on commercial radio (but since QSKY pumps out an endless stream of Ronstadt, the Eagles and Queen, wouldn't a few mindless jingles go unnoticed?) The crunch comes when Dugan is forced to resign after refusing to broadcast a recruiting ad from the army. His crew of husky-voiced neurotics pull themselves together and start a sit-in. Much solidarity and hugs. Deus-ex-machina, the head of the corporation flies into LA, and as you might guess, he admires guts...A lot of Pie in the QSKY.

By: JS


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

John A Alonzo
Ezra Sacks
Michael Brandon
Eileen Brennan
Alex Karras
Cleavon Little
Martin Mull
Cassie Yates
Norman Lloyd
James Keach
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