Football Days


Time Out says

Inspired by prison therapy that has helped him control his violent temper, newly released Antonio (Ernesto Alterio) decides to become a psychologist. The first beneficiaries of his threatening approach to counselling are his five friends, a bunch of ineffectual thirtysomethings who include mummy’s boy Gonzalo, policeman and wannabe musician Miguel and Jorge, who’s been dumped by Antonio’s sister Violeta. To help Jorge, Antonio suggests they all join a seven-a-side football league. Serrano’s men-undergoing-midlife-crises comedy has already proved popular in Spain. It’s broad stuff, but not without charm, though the characters’ on-pitch tribulations fail to give the film the solid focus the title would suggest. However, the ragbag of plot strands – which takes in training piglets, venereal disease and public fellatio – is bolstered by some laugh-out-loud slapstick moments and a healthy dose of cruelty that helps stave off sentimentality.

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Release details

Release date:
Friday August 12 2005
118 mins

Cast and crew

David Serrano
Ernesto Alterio
Alberto Sanjuan
Natalia Verbeke
María Esteve
Fernando Tejero
Roberto Álamo
Secun de la Rosa
Pere Ponce
Nathalie Poza
Luis Bermejo
Lola Dueñas
Pilar Castro
Diego Martín
Eva Santolaria
Pepo Oliva
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