For the Boys


Time Out says

A drama spanning three wars and professional/emotional skirmishes over two generations. Dixie (Midler) is to be awarded a medal for a career spent entertaining US troops, an honour she shares with her one-time partner Eddie (Caan). A television ceremony is planned, but at the last minute, she won't budge from her house. A long-standing grudge against Eddie is to blame, and it's up to a sweet-talking studio minion to coax an explanation. Cue a flashback to her life story, complete with battle footage and the occasional tune... Rydell charts the decline in American values: good-natured soldiers of WWII give way to druggies in Vietnam, and quick-witted writer Art (Segal) enjoys fame and fortune before falling victim to McCarthyism. Marshall Brickman's script is full of marvellous one-liners, but despite its aspirations, this sentimental Midler road-show is hopelessly unrestrained.


Release details

140 mins

Cast and crew

Mark Rydell
Marshall Brickman, Neal Jimenez, Lindy Laub
Bette Midler
James Caan
George Segal
Patrick O'Neal
Christopher Rydell
Arye Gross
Norman Fell
Rosemary Murphy
Bud Yorkin
Jack Sheldon
Billy Bob Thornton
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