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Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Although it scores some easy laughs, Guest’s latest is a disappointment – no advance on his last stab at Hollywood satire, 1989’s ‘The Big Picture’. Abandoning the mockumentary format and seemingly unsure what to put in its place, Guest allows his regular collaborators to indulge in broad caricatures which might have looked more at home in a sketch show. O’Hara has the best of it as Marilyn Hack, a veteran character actress who sees glory when an internet report incites Oscar hysteria on the set of ‘Home for Purim’ – one of those southern Jewish tearjerkers we see so many of these days. 



Release details

Release date:
Friday February 9 2007
90 mins

Cast and crew

Christopher Guest
Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy
Christopher Guest
Eugene Levy
Bob Balaban
Jennifer Coolidge
Michael McKean
Catherine O'Hara
Parker Posey
Harry Shearer
Fred Willard
Ricky Gervais
John Michael Higgins
Jane Lynch
Ed Begley Jr
Rachael Harris
Michael Hitchcock
Don Lake
Larry Miller
Christopher Moynihan
Jim Piddock
Deborah Theaker
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