Forbidden World

Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

Instead of killing off the ghastly by-product of an off-world genetic engineering project, the B-picture scientists decide to keep the slimy little splodge under observation. So it escapes, gets bigger and comes back to snack. While the writer conjured up everything he could remember about Alien, the rest of the New World crew were working out how to reproduce Scott's film for about 50 bucks. The barely seen mutant, a kind of metal spider-thing, is finally disposed of by feeding it a freshly available cancerous tumour. The involvement of Corman alumnus Aaron Lipstadt (directing second unit) portends nothing of interest.

By: DO


Release details

77 mins

Cast and crew

Allan Holzman
Tim Curnen
Jesse Vint
Dawn Dunlap
June Chadwick
Linden Chiles
Fox Harris
Raymond Oliver
Scott Paulin
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