Foreign Correspondent

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Foreign Correspondent

Time Out says

Despite the now rather embarrassing propagandistic finale, with McCrea urging an increase in the war effort against the Nazis, Hitchcock's espionage thriller is a thoroughly enjoyable affair, complete with some of his most memorable set pieces. McCrea and Day are the lovers searching out Nazi agents in London and Holland after the disappearance of a peace-seeking diplomat, while Sanders, Gwenn amd the normally wooden Marshall lend fine support. Something of a predecessor of the picaresque chase thrillers like Saboteur and North by Northwest, its main source of suspense comes from the fact that little is what it seems to be: a camera hides an assassin's gun, sails of a windmill conceal a sinister secret, and the sanctuary of Westminster Cathedral provides an opportunity for murder. Not one of the director's greatest - there's little of his characteristic cruelty or moral pessimism - but still eminently watchable.

By: GA


Release details

120 mins

Cast and crew

Alfred Hitchcock
Charles Bennett, Joan Harrison, James Hilton, Robert Benchley
Joel McCrea
Laraine Day
Herbert Marshall
George Sanders
Albert Basserman
Edmund Gwenn
Eduardo Ciannelli
Robert Benchley
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