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One of the major debuts of 2003, writer/director Fliegauf's zero-budget movie announces a film-maker not merely of immense promise, but of impressive achievement. The large cast supposedly consists of unpaid non-pros. If true, either Hungary has a huge reservoir of untapped thespian talent, or Fliegauf is some kind of genius at handling 'performers'. There's not one unconvincing moment in any of the intense two-handers between people in various kinds of relationship or personality crisis. Poetic and elliptical, Forest is a portrait of modern society which, though enigmatic, is never less than absorbing or accessible. It's a mood piece hovering between comedy and nightmare, in which innocuous exchanges detour into the most troubling and sinister territory.

By: NY


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Benedek Fliegauf
Benedek Fliegauf
Rita Braun
Barbara Csonka
Gábor Diósi
Balint Kenyeres
Edit Lipcsei
Félix Péter Mátyássy
Katalin Mészáros
Péter Pfennig
Ilka Sós
Lajos Szakács
Júli Széphelyi
Fanni Szoljer
Márton Tamás
Barbara Thurzó
Dr Dusán Vitanovics
Katalin Vörös
László Ziffer
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