Forever Young


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In 1939, test pilot Daniel McCormick (Gibson) finds his courage deserting him whenever it comes to proposing to his childhood sweetheart (Glasser). Overwhelmed by grief when she is hit by a truck and rendered comatose, he agrees to be cryogenically frozen by a scientist pal (Wendt); but when he wakes up, it is 1992. Fortunately, single mother Claire (Curtis) and her young son (Wood) are on hand to help him adjust to modern living and piece together his lost past. Jeffrey Abrams' script gets the tone just right, playing everything straight and never lapsing into knowing irony; while Miner, content to let the storyline unfold, leaves it to the actors to flesh out the sometimes touching, sometimes comic collision between Daniel's old-fashioned gallantry and modern-day cynicism. Looked at with a jaundiced eye, the scenario is slushy and full of holes; surrendered to in a spirit of careless romanticism, it works.

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