Forever Young


Time Out says

On stage a trendy curate strums his way through 'Donna', while a long-lost friend looks on in amazement to see his one-time singing partner still reliving his teenage memories 20 years on. It's Ray Connolly parading his '50s fantasies once more, but this time with a more ironic gloss than usual, since his script is about the way both friends are still trapped by unresolved problems. As a series of flashbacks shows, they used to be inseparable - testing each other's pop knowledge in the school showers, chatting up girls, performing their Everly Brothers-style act - until in their different ways they betrayed each other...a treachery which is about to repeat itself 20 years on. Made as a TV movie in Channel 4's First Love series, Forever Young catches well the psychology of the relationship, but it also has the cosiness and soft nostalgia one has come to expect from executive producer David Puttnam. Basically, a night out for the middle-aged.

By: CS


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

David Drury
Ray Connolly
James Aubrey
Nicholas Gecks
Karen Archer
Alec McCowen
Liam Holt
Jane Forster
Ruth Davies
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