Fortress II: Re-entry

Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

Recaptured by Men-Tel after ten years on the run, 'multiple-breeder' John Brennick (Lambert) is plotting escape from a high tech prison 26,000 miles up in space. But enough complicated analysis. Buckle up, keep up, shut up and buy into this, or you're gonna get lost. Hey you! Need a video recorder to bypass the surveillance apparatus wired to your optic nerve? Just 'stitch one together' from a few bits of wire! Watch out! Meteorite shower! That was close, need a shuttle? No worries! There's one arriving in about 30 seconds! No matter that the villains are as confused by the Men-Tel gibberish blaring out of TV screens as the Brennick-led dopes they're supposed to be guarding. Coherence is hardly the point of a movie in which men in shiny boiler suits go about muttering 'This is some real bullshit.' Anyway, the question isn't who's in charge here, but how any of these headless chickens ever managed to build Skycell in the first place.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Geoff Murphy
John Flock, Peter Doyle
Christopher Lambert
Patrick Malahide
Liz May Brice
Willie Garson
Yuki Okumoto
Fredric Lane
Nick Brimble
David Roberson
Aidan Rea
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