Fourth Floor


Time Out says

On the fourth floor of a hospital somewhere in Spain, the pubescent male cancer patients known as los pelones (the baldies) race wheelchairs, passionately discuss football, fondly irritate the nurses, and generally behave as 3-D posters for the unbreakable human spirit. It comes as no surprise that Disney is the parent distributor of Mercero's benign but bathetic serio-comedy, which hinges on the assimilation of a new kid into the cancer ward's micro-community. Events unfold as an episodic, painfully trite series of pranks, confrontations, flirtations and epiphanies, lathered with a mawkish score and some obnoxiously winsome mugging from the young cast. JWin.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Antonio Mercero
Albert Espinosa, Antonio Mercero, Ignacio del Moral
Juan José Ballesta
Luis Ángel Priego
Gorka Moreno
Alejandro Zafra
Marco Martinez
Mikel Albisu
Monti Castiñeiras
Miguel Foronda
Elvira Lindo
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