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Foxy Brown


Time Out says

Grier's follow-up to Coffy, also scripted and directed by Hill, lacks all the fine, subversive qualities she lent that film. She continues the avenger role, but in much diluted form, simply exacting retribution for the murder of her narcotics officer boyfriend (gone is Coffy's environment of all-pervasive and over-weening corruption); and in any case this is subsumed in a general racial tone, with every white within spitting distance made a bigot, for the sole purpose of milking audience reactions in the most blatant way possible. Grier is an actress able to convey an amazing and unflinching strength, and she reveals the film for the dross it is.

Release Details

  • Duration:91 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Jack Hill
  • Screenwriter:Jack Hill
  • Cast:
    • Pam Grier
    • Antonio Fargas
    • Kathryn Loder
    • Peter Brown
    • Terry Carter
    • Sid Haig
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