Film, Horror

Time Out says

'Jesus Christ, this could get ugly', says Jeffrey, nerdy would-be Frankenstein, as a laboratory guinea pig explodes after inhaling fumes from his patented Super-Crack. And it does. When his bride-to-be is turned into a tossed salad by a runaway lawnmower, Jeffrey salvages her head and reconstructs her with limbs, breasts and torsos gleaned from hookers he has tricked into 'cracking up' in similar fashion. Revived by the obligatory bolt of lightning, Elizabeth is not quite her old self; even her clients find her too hot to handle. Henenlotter indulges his penchant for sleaze to the max, throwing in a few bad-taste puns and a little therapeutic head-drilling for laughs. The resulting fragmented mess will no doubt keep some in stitches, but it is definitely less than the sum of its body parts.

By: NF


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Henenlotter
Robert Martin, Frank Henenlotter
James Lorinz
Patty Mullen
Charlotte Helmkamp
Shirley Stoler
Joe Gonzales
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