Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Fisher's last film is a disappointment. Using the already well-proven formula, it offers the Baron this time as a doctor in a criminal asylum for the insane, secretly working with his assistant towards creating yet another life. Things begin well, with Fisher adding some atmospheric touches and Cushing suggesting a man undermined by his excessive rationality. Unfortunately the script, which treads a wavering line between jerky comedy and seriousness, soon dissipates anyone else's better intentions. Things are further weakened by a listless assistant, a monster that looks as if it has strayed from some never-realised 'Apes' project, and a gratuitously unpleasant brain transplant.

By: CPe


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Terence Fisher
John Elder Anthony Hinds
Peter Cushing
Shane Briant
Madeline Smith
John Stratton
Bernard Lee
Dave Prowse
Patrick Troughton
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