Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Hammer's fifth Frankenstein film shifts the horror from the Monster, now a sad and pathetic victim, to the Baron (Cushing), now an embittered and ruthless tyrant. Abducting his former assistant Dr Brandt (Pravda) from a lunatic asylum, the Baron transplants his brain into the body of Dr Richter (Jones). Restored to sanity but with his brain trapped within an alien body, the heavily bandaged Brandt/Richter monster is able to talk to his grief-stricken wife (Audley) but unable to understand or explain the transformation that has 'cured' him. Fisher taps a rich vein of Romanticism here, making this the high point of a series that afterwards degenerated into the sloppy self-parody of Jimmy Sangster's The Horror of Frankenstein.


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Terence Fisher
Bert Batt
Peter Cushing
Veronica Carlson
Simon Ward
Freddie Jones
Thorley Walters
Maxine Audley
George Pravda