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Clearly a labour of love for co-writer, co-director and star Alex Winter (the other one in the Bill and Ted movies), this freewheeling, anarchic, gross-out comedy should satisfy the six-pack post-pub crowd, but it can't really stand up to sober viewing. It's the vaguely satirical story of a spoiled young movie star (Winter) whose South American product endorsement tour turns sour when he's waylaid in Quaid's bizarre jungle-freak circus and given a dose of the truly evil medicine he's been pushing. The wit is all in the casting: Mr T as the bearded lady (you got a problem with that?), Bobcat Goldthwait as 'Sockhead', Brooke Shields as a TV presenter, and Keanu Reeves behind layers of hair as 'Ortiz the Dog Boy'. Brian (Society) Yuzna's surreal make-up effects are also worth a look - check out those gun-toting Rasta eyeballs! - but the sum is less than its (very ugly) parts.


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