Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Once again, a spurious piece of Freddy mythology - involving an adopted daughter - provides the excuse for some not-so-special effects sequences and flip one-liners in this terminally boring conclusion to the Nightmare on Elm Street series. An amnesiac teenager, christened 'John Doe' (Greenblatt), lands up at the centre for disturbed adolescents run by child psychologist Maggie Burroughs (Zane). Apparently providing the link Freddy needs to get at rich runaway Spencer (Meyer), bellicose martial arts expert Tracy (Deane) and aurally impaired Carlos (Logan), 'John' is also drawn into Freddy's nightmare world. All that remains, therefore, is for Freddy to bump off each of the disposable teens in turn, by exploiting their psychological weaknesses. Plus, of course, the long overdue demise of Freddy himself. Even the much-heralded 3-D finale is murky and unimaginative.

By: NF


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Rachel Talalay
Michael De Luca
Robert Englund
Lisa Zane
Shon Greenblatt
Lezlie Deane
Ricky Dean Logan
Breckin Meyer
Yaphet Kotto
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