French Mustard

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Generally insufferable farce which steers an unhappy course between odd moments of style, heavy Gallic charm, and tasteless bursts of visceral slapstick. Harmless enough to have been seen on BBC TV, it shows not very much of Birkin as scandalous starlet Jackie Logan, who gets repeatedly embroiled with the mayor's son. Here and there among all the falling about there are swipes at spaghetti Westerns, anti-pornographers, and Henry Kissinger. Sometimes the chapter of accidents befalling the mayor's son snowballs to good nutty effect; mostly not though.

By: AN


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Claude Zidi
Claude Zidi, Pierre Richard, Michel Fabre
Pierre Richard
Jane Birkin
Claude Piéplu
Jean Martin
Danou Minazzoli
Vittorio Caprioli
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