Friendly Fire


Time Out says

Beto Brant, director of Belly Up, tackles the theme of revenge - a double edged sword - in this tense but facile drama. Miguel (Machado) recognises a face on a postcard as that of one Correia, São Paulo's chief torturer in the days of the dictatorship 25 years ago. Correia was the man responsible for the murder of Miguel's pregnant girlfriend and fellow freedom fighter, and Miguel sets out, with the help of three ex-'brothers', to kill him. A worthwhile cautionary tale is marred by a crude script, over-acting and flashy camerawork - even if the 'Scope format is sometimes striking.


Release details

76 mins

Cast and crew

Beto Brant
Beto Brant
Leonardo Villar
Zé Carlos Machado
Cacá Amaral
Genesio de Barros
Carlos Meceni
Sergio Cavalcante
José Mayer
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