3 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars
Before directing the big-budget Hitman in Hollywood, French filmmaker Xavier Gens made this Texas Chain Saw Massacre–inspired gorefest. As riots rock the Paris streets, five friends from the projects pull off a heist, only to bungle the getaway. Forced to split up, pregnant Yasmine (Testa) and her surly ex (Wiik) take her wounded brother to a hospital, while the others look for an inconspicuous border motel where they can all rendezvous before decamping for Amsterdam. Unfortunately, they select one run by perverted cannibal Nazis, and sadistic nastiness with a hint of political subtext ensues. Retro shocks for horror buffs, and not a second-string TV starlet in sight!

By: Maitland McDonagh



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Xavier Gens
Karina Testa
Aurélien Wiik
Samuel Le Bihan
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