Time Out says

That's 'Falklands', to you and me. An Argentine with a hidden camera and a curious attitude, Fabian Stratas arrives in the Malvinas in the run-up to Christmas 1999. He wants to get to know his enemy and lay some ghosts - and at first his reportage seems like a straight video diary, recording his impressions of a wintery outcrop where dim drinking holes boast defiant names like the Colony and the Victory Bar, and the natives view Latin interlopers with well-mannered suspicion. As well they might. For Stratas is a man with a plan. His mission: to take back the islands by instigating a population explosion of Argentine bastards. Improvised by the actors, conceived and directed by Marquès, and certified by the Dogme brethren, this is a borderline political provocation which can be read as a further covert and undignified assault on sovereign territory, or - more plausibly - as a satire on rampant Argentine machismo.

By: TCh


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

José Luis Marquès
José Luis Marquès
Fabian Stratas
Camilla Heaney
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