G:MT Greenwich Mean Time


Time Out says

Sam (Shepherd), Charlie (Newman), Rix (Ejiofor) and Bean (Waters) have been friends since school. Because he has money and the mind of an operator, Sam manages Rix and Bean's jazz jungle group G:MT; aspiring photographer Charlie snaps some publicity shots and it looks like they're on their way. Then Charlie's paralysed in an accident, Bean storms off when Sam insists they need to bring in a vocalist, and next thing you know he's pushing drugs. Revolving around young Londoners making their way today, this clearly set out to tell it like it is, but unfortunately it's neither convincing nor compelling in terms of character or context. For the purposes of what little plot there is, we have to accept that Rix doesn't think about his erstwhile soulmate for months, and then gets all shirty when it turns out that, no, Sam never did phone Bean to let him know about that ccucial studio recording session.

By: TCh


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

John Strickland
Simon Mirren
Alec Newman
Melanie Gutteridge
Georgia MacKenzie
Steve John Shepherd
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Benjamin Waters
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