Gable and Lombard


Time Out says

A disastrous example of a short-lived mid-'70s cycle of Lives of the Stars (see also WC Fields and Me), Gable and Lombard gets neither the history nor the glamour right. The film seems as insulated and remote from the 'real' Hollywood as Hollywood vehicles of the time were from the 'real' world. Allen Garfield does a reasonable turn as Louis Mayer, but Brolin is a wax dummy and Clayburgh produces a very modern version of the Lombard larkishness. Furie completes the pretence by presenting the Gable and Lombard story as if it were one of the crazy comedies they appeared in.


Release details

131 mins

Cast and crew

Sidney J Furie
Barry Sandler
James Brolin
Jill Clayburgh
Allen Garfield
Red Buttons
Joanne Linville
Melanie Mayron
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