Gadjo Dilo


Time Out says

Tony Gatlif, a Rom himself, continues his exploration of gypsy culture with this tale of a young Parisian (Duris) who travels to Romania in search of a gypsy singer. Slowly accepted by a clan suspicious of the outside world, he witnesses the joys and heartbreaks of Romany experience. This funny, bawdy, moving blend of gritty drama, glorious music and dance, and ethnographic semi-documentary never romanticises the characters: while they're lively, lusty, talented and passionate, they also have a tendency towards drunkenness, theft, xenophobia and foul-mouthed aggression - the result, probably, of being treated as unwanted outsiders by the world around them. Simultaneously stirring and illuminating, and as well worth catching as Gatlif's earlier Les Princes and Lacho Drom.

By: GA


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Tony Gatlif
Tony Gatlif
Romain Duris
Rona Hartner
Izidor Serban
Florin Moldovan
Ovidiu Balan
Dan Astileanu
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