Gal Young 'Un


Time Out says

Florida, 1930s. Mattie Siles (Preu) tolerates everything her bootlegging lover throws at her (stealing her money, flaunting a rival young gal) rather than lose him. Nuñez is one of the gentlest souls active in cinema - hence perhaps the long pauses between realised projects - and he persists in finding the humanity in even the most heartless of characters. Not much of a budget is in evidence, but it wouldn't be a step closer to perfection with money to burn. From the story by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

By: DO


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Victor Nuñez
Victor Nuñez
Dana Preu
David Peck
J Smith
Gene Densmore
Jennie Stringfellow
Tim McCormack
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