Gaz Bar Blues


Time Out says

Mr Brochu, who is afflicted with Parkinson's disease, operates the gas station/social centre of the title, fighting what feels like a losing battle against theft, competition and the disinterest of his two eldest sons. But, the hub of a community of sorts, he provides a more or less friendly face and a place to sit for assorted types. This gently melancholy, quietly affecting drama of lives most local offers no real revelations, but builds a convincing low key picture of aspirations compromised and relationships in patchwork progress. It's also telling on the means by which a sense of place - the weave of people, position, incident and history - is maintained, and how easily it can slip. Asking understated questions about the shape and priorities of life, as well as its underlying economic pressures, the film riffs around a timeless tune.

By: GE


Release details

115 mins

Cast and crew

Louis Bélanger
Louis Bélanger
Serge Thériault
Gilles Renaud
Sébastien Delorme
Réal Bossé
Maxime Dumontier
Danny Gilmore
Gaston Caron
Daniel Gadouas
Claude Legault
Gaston Lepage
Fanny Mallette
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