Film, Drama

Time Out says

A close-knit, well-to-do Buenos Aires family, like many others – gossipy, energetic mum, taciturn dad, elder brother just married – except, perhaps, that the two youngest are, unbeknown to everyone else and between the perfectly ordinary teenage tantrums they direct against one another, indulging in regular bouts of passionate sex. Eventually, of course, they may be found out, but for the moment... Carri’s nicely non-judgmental incest drama oozes directorial assurance from start to finish, even though the script can get a little heavy-handed; certainly, she knows how to arouse curiosity and create tension through composition, cutting and camera-movement. Near the end it almost goes off the rails, with scenes of collective hysteria bordering on the laughable, but even then Carri pull things off, thanks no end to fine, naturalistic performances.

By: GA



Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Albertina Carri
Albertina Carri, Santiago Giralt
Cristina Banegas
Daniel Fanego
Maria Abadi
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