Gen-X Cops

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Three delinquent police cadets are recruited to pose as underworld types to investigate the theft of rocket fuel which can be used as a powerful explosive - a theft seemingly connected with a spate of gangland killings. They uncover a feud between Japanese criminals and a (fulfilled) plot to blow up the HK Convention Centre. This relatively big budget action-comedy offers little more than a series of set pieces (gunfights, sky dives, car chases, etc), individually well enough staged but cumulatively boring. The biggest problem is the shapeless, witless script; minor pleasures include vivid supporting turns from Tsang, Ng and newcomer Wu. A US major has picked up international rights, presumably because of Jackie Chan's cameo in the final reel.


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

Benny Chan
Benny Chan, Peter Tsi, Koan Hui, Lee Yee-Wah
Nicholas Tse
Stephen Fung
Sam Lee
Grace Ip
Daniel Wu
Eric Tsang
Toru Nakamura
Francis Ng
Jackie Chan