Gen-Y Cops

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Interesting to see who bailed out from this mega-dull sequel, produced to order for the US video market - which will no doubt see a heavily recut version. The indestructible 'peace-keeping' robot RS1 is unveiled at an arms fair in the HK Convention Centre (evidently rebuilt since Gen-X Cops), but Kurt, the Chinese-American techno-geek who designed it and found himself sidelined, steals it for sale to a shadowy Arab buyer. Our anti-heroes, now fronted by fashion-plate Edison Chen, are still giving 'high jinks' a bad name as they mug, pratfall and wisecrack their way through endless CGI explosions and double-crosses to save the world. There's really nothing to enjoy except an athletic display of demented villainy by Richard Sun (son of matinée idol Qin Han) and cameos by Wong and Kot as defeated mainland Chinese scientists who'd rather sleep than deploy their low-tech robot.

By: TR


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

Benny Chan
Felix Chong, Chan Kiu-Ying
Edison Chen
Stephen Fung
Sam Lee
Maggie Q
Richard Sun
Rachel Ngan
Anthony Wong
Eric Kot
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