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Generation Um…: movie review

  • Film
  • 1 out of 5 stars
Generation Um...
Generation Um...

Time Out says

1 out of 5 stars

What with cinema being a medium of images, it’s not always necessary for characters to articulate what’s going on inside their heads. (Don’t tell; show.) But if your movie focuses on people who struggle to assemble a coherent sentence, it’s best not to spend the whole film watching them try. At least Keanu Reeves brings a certain muddled gravitas to the role of an escort-service driver who spends his time idling with off-duty party girls (Adelaide Clemens and Bojana Novakovic). But once his character impulsively swipes a video camera, Generation Um… devolves into a heap of sub–American Beauty profundities and strained confessionals: “I don’t know—what do you want to talk about?” Well, um…

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Written by Sam Adams
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