George of the Jungle

Film, Family and kids

Time Out says

Based on the characters of Jay Ward's TV cartoon series, this live action feature pitches itself on the level of exotic, anything-goes pantomime, with Tarzan-like George, a talking ape, a pelican, a pet elephant, a pith-helmeted eco-villain (Church), and a willowy but plucky love interest (Mann). Fraser is a natural for the hero, brought up in Bukuvu National Park, Africa, by Ape, his snobbish bookworm butler - incompetently, though, since George can't swing on a vine without crashing his tackle. His mix of bare-faced cheek, infantilism and physical exuberance sets the tone, while the plot's absurdities are acknowledged with disarming candidness. The story is incidental - the villain wants to abduct the talking ape for financial gain - and thankfully the animatronics and computer effects aren't allowed to overwhelm the proceedings.

By: WH


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Sam Weisman
Dana Olsen, Audrey Wells
Brendan Fraser
Leslie Mann
Thomas Haden Church
Richard Roundtree
Greg Crutwell
Abraham Benrubi
John Cleese
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