Georgette Meunier


Time Out says

This independent feature, indulgently described as 'black comedy', tells of Georgette's frustrated love affair with brother Emile and her career as a 'black widow' - seducing and poisoning the male citizens of a small German town circa 1900. The necessarily minimalist treatment and a paternal voice-over which prompts the action suggest an adult fairy tale of sorts, though the combination of Inexorable Destiny and inexplicable behaviour tends to obscure any quasi-feminist intent, the incest theme actually debasing the radical thrust of the femme fatale. Likewise, a potentially absorbing fantasy element (she kills with kisses) is thrown away. The writer-directors optimistically equate pretension with wit, and only Jelmini's alarmingly potent Georgette carries much conviction. A mainstream production might have demanded tighter logic, an exploitation movie could have pushed the subversive stuff, but this drab effort comes from no man's land.


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Tania Stöcklin, Cyrille Rey-Coquais
Tania Stöclin, Cyrille Rey-Coquais
Tiziana Jelmini
Diana Stöcklin
Dina Leipzig
Thomas Schunke
Manfred Hulverschiedt
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