Geronimo: An American Legend

Film, Drama
Geronimo: An American Legend

Time Out says

This is the authentically bloody chronicle of the last Apache leader, as recorded in the memoirs of one of the cavalrymen who hunted him down. It's a film about the land and who owns it, the clash between incompatible cultures, and the telescoping of history with the apparently inexorable progress of 'civilisation'. Although Wes Studi (Geronimo) is only fourth billed in the title role, he has roughly equal screen time with the other three principals: Southern cavalry officer Gatewood (Patric), General Crook (Hackman) and chief scout Al Sieber (Duvall). This being a John Milius story, you'd expect to find some unspoken bond between enemies, and there is, but it's a surprise how uncompromisingly the film conveys the ruthlessness of both sides, the racism and hypocrisy of the white men, and the ferocity with which the Apache respond. Walter Hill proves unexpectedly reluctant to force the story, but he makes the red earth of the Moab desert burn with blood and shame.

By: TCh


Release details

115 mins

Cast and crew

Walter Hill
John Milius, Larry Gross
Robert Duvall
Jason Patric
Gene Hackman
Wes Studi
Rodney A Grant
Kevin Tighe
Matt Damon
Steve Reevis
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