Getting Even With Dad


Time Out says

Widower Ray Gleason (Danson) is an ex-con who wants to go straight. Timmy (Culkin) is his estranged son who wants to have a father again. When the boy's aunt dumps him on Ray's doorstep, Timmy finds that dad is less interested in looking after him than in carrying out the final heist that will pay for his bakery business, so he videos the crime, hides the loot, and threatens to blow the whistle if father and son don't spend some time together. Hence, the way is paved for an ending visible from a distance of some miles. The script is formula and so is the direction, which leaves the acting. According to the credits, Danson had an acting coach, but he's a warm enough presence to be able to carry a film as slight as this without needing one; instead the coach should have worked with Culkin, who can't even eat a sandwich convincingly.

By: AO


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Howard Deutch
Tom S Parker, Jim Jennewein
Macaulay Culkin
Ted Danson
Glenne Headly
Saul Rubinek
Gailard Sartain
Hector Elizondo
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