Time Out says

'Friendships are like dreams, big, great, absolutely gigantic; they won't let you go,' says Floyd, preparing for a rites-of-passage night on the town when he'll announce his departure from Hamburg and his two mates, Ricco 'the ultimate gigolo' and mechanic Walter. They traipse around each other's houses, have a miserable time in Horst's bar, cruise the city in Walter's beloved yellow Ford Granada, and pick up a waif-like girl, before an over-enthusiastic visit to a Turkish-run Elvis Stunt Show results in cross-town car chases and rumbles. With its T Rex and rap soundtrack, sub-Levinson chatter, early Wenders-style downbeat sweetness, and timelapse neon nightscapes, this makes for unremarkable but engaging viewing. (It also has the best table-football game in the movies.


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

Sebastian Schipper
Sebastian Schipper
Frank Giering
Florian Lukas
Antoine Monot Jr
Julia Hummer
Jochen Nickel
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