Time Out says

Ex-cinematographer Shiota specialises in disarmingly everyday stories of the desire to be dominated and humiliated, and this is his best yet. Tamaki (Saeki) discovered in high school that when she had to wear a gips cast after breaking her leg 'funny things' happened to her. Back then, a teacher killed himself over her. Now 22, she wears gips and walks on crutches for fun - and unfailingly attracts disposable 'slaves' to cater to her whims. Sometimes these 'slaves' meet sudden ends. The film centres on Tamaki's relationship with her first female 'slave' Kazuko (Ono), also 22, a transcription stenographer who lives in the same block and finds her life transformed the day she stops to help Tamaki. Funny, cruel, mildly suspenseful and (of course) deliciously perverse.

By: TR


Release details

83 mins

Cast and crew

Akihiko Shiota
Rena Horiuchi, Akihiko Shiota
Hinako Saeki
Machiko Ono
Kanji Tsuda
So Yamanaka
Hiromi Kuronuma
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