Girl Play


Time Out says

Originally a two-woman stage show, this cinematic counterpart to Greenspan and Harmon's play hasn't changed the setup much: The duo still lobs the kind of pseudoprofundities associated with bad open-mike poetry nights. Countless shots of the couple addressing the camera become stale in nanoseconds, though they do save you from what few flourishes director Lee Friedlander adds to the mix: Dom DeLuise queening it up, Skinemax sapphic sex scenes and the treatment of every banal utterance about their homosexuality as some sort of higher truth. Get over yourselves, girlfriends—your confessional diary entries bore the rest of us to tears.

By: DF


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Lee Friedlander
Lacie Harmon, Robin Greenspan
Robin Greenspan
Mink Stole
Lacie Harmon
Dom DeLuise
Katherine Randolph
Lauren Maher
Gina DeVivo
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