Girl Shy

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Lloyd is a timid tailor's apprentice who after hours has been writing a fantasy book, 'The Secret of Making Love' (later retitled 'A Boob's Diary'), two episodes of which are exactly illustrated: 'My Vampire', in which Harold professes 'indifference', and 'My Flapper' in which he adopts the caveman approach. There are in addition three classic sequences: one in which Harold becomes glued to the girl he's wooing; another when he visits the LA publishers to whom he's submitted his book and is mobbed by the hysterical typing pool; and finally the climactic rescue chase, to prevent the marriage of the girl to a mustachioed bigamist, with its glorious string of knife-edge stunts.

By: JPy


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Fred Newmeyer, Sam Taylor
Sam Taylor, Ted Wilde, Tim Whelan, Tommy Gray
Harold Lloyd
Jobyna Ralston
Richard Daniels
Carlton Griffin
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