Giro City

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Exercising something of the fascination of a crossword puzzle, this angry parable about media censorship is cast as an investigative report about two investigative reports, often assuming thriller form as reporters lurk and cameras whirr, the stories are worried over and painstakingly reworked, until the exhilarating moment when the pieces finally fall into place. One story is about a Welsh farmer stubbornly resisting eviction, the other about the political situation in Ireland. Both prove to involve 'higher interests'; both end on the cutting-room floor; and the reporters are left to bite on the bullet: 'You never learn, do you? You have to compromise'. Guilty itself of a little (understandable) compromise in casting star names for what comes on like a documentary, the film nevertheless still bites, and is honest enough to query (without really exploring) the honesty of reporters who rage against, but accept, the status quo of compromise.


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Karl Francis
Karl Francis
Glenda Jackson
Jon Finch
Kenneth Colley
James Donnelly
Emrys James
Karen Archer
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